Hi, my name is Brendan Haire and I am an IT professional (that sounds like an AA statement!).

I have designed and developed IT business solutions on a multitude of development and business environments throughout my career. I started my IT journey on a Commodore 64 at the age of 13 and the first application I developed was a tic-tac-toe (a.k.a noughts and crosses) written in Basic. Over the years I have accumulated a wide amount of programming experience with multiple languages as well as a great deal of techniques, tools and experience in dealing with the IT world and it’s inhabitants. I have performed a variety of roles in my career including (in no particular order) being a code monkey, a solution architect, development manager, business analyst, product manager, project manager right through to owning and operating my own small business (which every good aspiring developer does at some point).

The purpose of this site is to formulate and record my thoughts that I have had floating through my head during the working hours of the day (and night). I don’t believe anything here is really new or groundbreaking and most of it has probably been covered many times in previous literature. If you find the site useful let me know as I would love to know that some of my findings have helped others.

So, so long as you can put up with my bad grammar and spelling…. Enjoy!


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